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An experience of a group member of Chanchala Devi Dalit Group

Mr. Tek Bahadur Nepali is head of a family of seven and he has to carry all family burdens. In his village live many poor people and Dalits. Mr. Nepali was thinking to do something good to his village. He knew that organizing people to work in a group is very helpful for the development of communities. Thus he founded a group in his village and took the responsibility of the treasurer. The group played 'Deusi' during Deepawali to generate funds for the group There had been many voices saying: "Why do we need a group?". The common saying was that 'we are born alone, we die alone, then why do we need a group for living'? The notion has changed after the formation of the group, because tangible work has been carried out by the group. NRs 6000,00 were released from VDC for the maintenance of a drinking water project. Likewise NRs 20.600,00 were received from APP Support Program for piggery. Group members plated trees around the VDC building, the road from Kotgaun to Ghate was maintained, utensils were purchased for social functions etc.
The active member Mr. Tek Bahadur Nepali received vocational training as Village Animal Health Worker with the support of SAHAS Nepal, which has been beneficial both for society and individual. The community dwellers are benefiting of proper veterinary services at local level and Mr. Nepali is running his livelihood from his service fee. In these days, upper caste people started to respect him which was beyond imagination before.