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Vision, Mission, Goal, Objectives & Strategy

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Vision, Mission, Goal, Objectives & Strategy


Just and resilient society where everyone enjoys life and live in peace and dignity.



SAHAS Nepal’ strives to reduce poverty of disadvantaged, marginalised and people in needs by working with them and their institutions to create livelihood opportunities, bring equality and strengthen local governance.



Contribute to enhancing livelihoods of disadvantaged, marginalised and people in needs, especially women and youths by strengthening sustainable and resilient food systems and income opportunities, supporting education and leadership, and building community capacity.


Core Values:

 SAHAS Nepal’s work is guided by the following core values.

Equality: SAHAS Nepal values treating everyone equally and fairly regardless of gender, caste, ethnicity, religion and economic status. We seek to work with people of diverse backgrounds, cultures and perspectives.

Integrity:SAHAS Nepal beholds high moral principles in all its conducts. We are honest, transparent and accountable to our programme communities and stakeholders, and accept responsibility for our action.

Respect:SAHAS Nepal believes in respecting each other, the communities we serve and partners we work through cultural sensitivity, friendship, listening to diverse opinions and voices of unheard, and understanding each other with humility.

Professionalism: SAHAS Nepal delivers high quality service to the communities. We are committed to continuous improvement, learning and professional growth. We encourage feedback from all stakeholders, and we learn from our failures and success.

Sustainability: SAHAS Nepal promotes sustainable and resilient development impacts. We are committed to improve social, economic, cultural and environmental wellbeing of current and future generation.


 The objective of SAHAS Nepal is to strengthen the capacities of the poor and excluded people and their organizations in the social, economic and political spheres through its development, research and advocacy activities at all levels. This is done through:

  • Empower the local people to resolve the issues causing hardship to them,
  • Bring together potential partners for collective action for community based development activities.
  • Biodiversity conservation and management of ecosystem services
  • Develop climate resilient communities
  • Women’s and Youth Empowerment


SAHAS Nepal implements the programs based on the experience and learned from the previous project and carry forward the approaches and activities that have proven to be effective in reaching the poor and marginalized communities, with a strategic partnership of likeminded organizations.