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How Do We Work

SAHAS-Nepal works to uphold ethical and professional standards of transparency and accountability to the poor and marginalised communities it serves and their organisations to:

  • Establish and to enable the communities claim their rights as citizens;
  • Build their capacity and confidence to advance their empowerment & resilience to withstand adversity;
  • Promote good governance of their institutions; and
  • Improve their access to opportunities, resources and services necessary to fulfil decent lives.

Our working approaches include:

Inclusive development: We try to include the poor and marginalised and socially excluded groups from diverse geographical areas and gender is deliberately included in the development process to provide them with the benefits of development programmes.

Gender Equality: We realise that women bear the major responsibility for meeting basic needs, yet are systematically denied the resources, freedom of action and voice in decision-making to fulfill that responsibility. Hence we work to cause society-wide change towards greater gender equality.

Pro-poor: Our organisation works for and with the rural poor communities that comprise women, men and youth by organizing them in self-help groups/Community-based Organisation, and their member-based network Organisation.

Local ownership: We are rooted in the belief that communities’ problems can be best solved if they are involved as well as taking initiative and ownership over the programme that benefit them. Therefore, we implement our programmes particularly by bestowing the community beneficiaries with full ownership over the development programme as well as the benefits, together with the genuine participation of stakeholders (national and international).

Bottom-up:  We believe in a ‘leadership with people’ rather than ‘leadership over the people’. We intend to engage those who are or have been made 'last' in the development process.

Integrated:  Development is linked to a nexus of such aspects as livelihood, agriculture and livestock, health, education, environmental sustainability and social justice. We strive for achieving these basic human needs together on a sustainable basis.

Resource-sharing: We implement our development programmes in collaboration and coordination with the local governments, sectoral line agencies and other development agencies for creating a kind of synergies to undertake the project activities more efficiently and effectively. The focus community’s contribution both kind and or cash ensure for ownership and sustainability of project.

Human rights based: We actively integrate this approach in our development programmes in order to enable and empower the people to claim and realise their economic, social, cultural, civil and political rights and the right to development.

Sustainability: Through our development efforts, we strive for making a difference that is sustainable locally, institutionally, socially, economically and environmentally