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Who We Are

Group of Helping Hands (SAHAS) Nepal is a non-governmental and social development organisation founded in 1996. Since inception, the organisation has been working in remote rural areas focusing on vulnerable and socially excluded families who are deprived of development opportunities. SAHAS puts its development efforts towards strengthening the capacities of the communities and local development partner organisations to create an enabling environment for sustaining the development activities by fostering collective efforts of the communities themselves. SAHAS Nepal continues to use the “bottom-up”, “Rights-Based Approach (RBA)” and “inclusive community-based approach” to community development to identify and serve its target groups. These approaches involve group formation focusing on the vulnerable, Dalits, women, persons with disability and other marginal groups, ensuring full ownership over their development activities.

Aligning with the federal structure of Nepal, SAHAS Nepal is working in 23 rural municipalities, seven municipalities and two sub-metropolitan cities in all seven provinces.

SAHAS is currently implementing 22 projects engaging 1,706 Community Based Organisations (CBOs) and benefiting more 40,000 Households. CBOs implement development programmes and projects in collaboration and coordination with local government bodies, sectoral line agencies and other development actors.  In total 35 Community-Based Organisations Networks (CBNOs) have been successfully formed in working districts of SAHAS Nepal.