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4th Agriculture & Environment Professional Group Meeting 2017

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4th Agriculture & Environment Professional Group Meeting 2017

  • 10th Dec, 2017

SAHAS Nepal conducted its 4th Agriculture and Environment Professional Group Meeting from 30th to 31st October 2017, in Godawari Ashram, Lalitpur. The main objectives of this meeting were to share major achievements of agricultural activities such as outcomes, best practices, learning and challenges; to orient agriculture technicians on Climate Resilient Village (CRV) and its technologies, method to establish a plastic house and bee keeping in practical context.

The meeting started with the welcome note by Mr. Dipesh Neupane (Technical Coordinator) followed with the introduction of all participants. Respective agriculture professionals presented project wise achievements, best practices, learnings and challenges about their projects in respective districts. The presentations were followed with the discussion on working guidelines related to agriculture support policy by Mr. Sujan Lal Shrestha (Knowledge Management M & E Coordinator). The meeting continued with the Climate Resilient Village (CRV) and technologies presentation by Ms. Snehalata Sainjoo (CDM Coordinator). To understand the possibiilty of declaring Chaila village of Mugu and Betini of Okhaladhunga (working areas of SAHAS Nepal) as CRV and gaps to fufill for declaration process,participants worked out in two groups and presented their findings including gaps to be addressed. A presentation about the Plastic house vegetable cultivation and production –theory was presented by Prem Shrestha and Dipesh Neupane. That was followed with the bee keeping training demonstration inside the Botanical Garden in Godawari. The meeting ended with the closing remark by Dr. Surendra K. Shrestha, Executive Director.