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Chhaupdi Free Ward Declaration

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Chhaupdi Free Ward Declaration

  • 20th Apr, 2013

Chhaupadi is the system which comes from the superstitious belief that women are impure during their menstruation period. In the rural areas of Nepal where people are uneducated the women are forced to spend their menstrual days in the nearby shed and not allowed to enter their own home. It is widespread practice prevalent in far west and some parts of mid west region of Nepal, among which Kalikot is also one of them. The shed are usually very untidy and unfit for the stay of any human being but the women are forced to stay in such inappropriate place. Due to poor hygiene and lack of nutritious food most of the women fall sick during the practice of such chhaupadi system and few have lost their lives as well. Therefore, SAHAS-Nepal has carried out its project in different VDC of these districts to eradicate the chhaupadi system. In this process, programme has been arranged in Badalkot VDC, Ward no. 1 to declare the ward as Chhaupadi free ward on 20th April, 2013. The slogan of the programme was "Lets walk together to eliminate the violence against women and make a better society”. The programme was observed by the political leaders, representatives from the government officials, journalist and the local community. The programme was also broadcasted through Radio NayaKarnali and Radio Chulimali.