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February Dialogue 2012 on Climate Justice

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February Dialogue 2012 on Climate Justice

  • 15th Feb, 2012

The February Dialogue 2012, an annual event of the Meeting Rivers program of Pipal Tree, Bangalore (India) and Dialogues en Humanite, Lyon (France) was conducted in February in Bangalore, India. From SAHAS Nepal Dr.Sulav Shrestha participated  in the program. The Dialogue was the continuation of previous annual events where different NGOs, social movement activists, union of farmers, indigenious people, religious leaders and policy makers from all over the world, confronted to seek a new paradigm of sustainable future. 85 participants from 10 different countries participated in the event. The Dialogue went through presentations regarding farmer movements and their fight for food sovereignty, alternative energy practices, efforts on climate change mitigation and adaptation and alternative energy for vulnerable communities. The aim was to develop a sense of spirituality, to think beyond oneself, not only for the nation but for the global world. The Dialogue ended with a common agreement "we must change ourselves, not only the world around."