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Formal Handover of 49 Safer houses in Thumi, Gorkha

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Formal Handover of 49 Safer houses in Thumi, Gorkha

  • 1st Oct, 2019

Group of Helping Hands (SAHAS) Nepal on 24 September 2019 formally handed over 49 safer houses in Thumi, Gorkha after construction completion. The handover program was accompanied by Mr. Ram Sharan Acharaya-District Head of National Reconstruction Authority, Mr. Raju Gurung-District Coordination Committee Member, Ms. Kalpana Nepali-Rural Municipality Vice-Chairperson, Mr. Krishna Bahadur Dhamala- Ward Chairperson-4, Mr. Sikhal Baram-Ward Chairperson-3, social workers, local leaders, beneficiaries,  Juha Lind-Regional Director, Teressa Juhaninmaki-Regional Manager for Development Cooperation and Antti Turka successor of Teressa from Felm Nepal, Dr. Surendra Kumar Shrestha-Executive Director and Mr. Saban Kumar Shrestha-Human Resource Manager from SAHAS Nepal.

The handover programme was a huge success and all the duty bearers and right holders highly appreciated the work and express their deepest gratitude for implementing such an exemplary programme reaching the most vulnerable communities. Rural Municipality and Ward Chairperson highly appreciated the staffs with certificate of appreciation; Hari Adhikari and Anil Kumar Shrestha for their continuous dedication in making the overall project success. 

During the speech, Rural Municipality Vice Chairperson said, "Rural Municipality is extremely pleased to get support from SAHAS Nepal in constructing the safer houses and integrating Climate Resilient Village components. Rural Municipality will allocate the separate budget for this village and we would like to request SAHAS Nepal to provide technical backstopping."

Similarly, Ward Chairperson-4 said, "If SAHAS Nepal has not helped in construction in Thumi, it would not have been possible to see two and three room houses. Neither there would be toilet nor there will have complete picture of Thumi as it is now."

Dr. Surendra K. Shrestha, Executive Director expressed sincere thanks to beneficiaries who put hardwork to complete not only their own house but also helped neighbours to complete the houses. Similarly regular support from NRA, Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, and Rural Municipality Chairperson and support and understanding from funding partners. Last but not least dedicated staffs to took responsbility to serve marginalised families and overcome to gain trust of all stakeholders inculding the funding partners. 

SAHAS Nepal also provided letter of appreciation to the funding partners i.e. Felm, SODI and Nepalteam for generous support, flexibility,understanding and believing SAHAS Nepal during the crucial circumstances.

Solar was also supported to all the beneficiaries for building Climate Resilient Village. Other different technologies like Improved Cooking Stove, grey water collection, fruit saplings, vermin compost, plastic house, organic farming, bio-pesticides, improved fodder and grasses etc are already incorporated in Thumi.

SAHAS Nepal implemented a project entitled "Building Back Better" in Thumi, Gorkha after the mega earthquake of 2015. The major objectives of the project were to construct 49 safer houses and to build climate-resilient villages  in the Dalit communities.