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Germany Embassy Visit to Pyutar, Lalitpur

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Germany Embassy Visit to Pyutar, Lalitpur

  • 4th Jun, 2018

On 31 May 2018, a monitoring visit was conducted to observe the activities implemented under the project in Pyutar village of Bagmati rural municipality of Lalitpur district receiving the financial assistance from German Embassy Kathmandu. The visit was accompanied by Mrs. Kabita Thapa and an intern from the embassy together with the Central staff from SAHAS Nepal. During the visit, the monitoring team observed rainwater harvesting tank, drinking water scheme, goat rearing and integrated farming system consisting of plastic house cultivation, pig shed and fish pond. There was also a brief interaction with the beneficiaries regarding the changes that the project activities have brought into their lives. A total of 266 women farmers from Pyutar organized into 9 Community Based Organizations (CBOs) are the beneficiaries of the project. It was learnt that the project has introduced new technologies into the communities, which are expected to deliver positive impacts in their lives.