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Professional Group Meeting

Professional Group Meeting

  • 20th May, 2013

Professional group meetings were conducted by SAHAS-Nepal for building communication, improving group cohesion and professional development. The main purpose of professional group meetings is to gather for technical interaction which helps all the staffs to be informed about the developments of the organization. This kind of meeting is essential to up-to date information, knowledge and skills to staff. This also includes activities for improving and better understanding on how the organization functions and ultimately the success of organization and capacity development of staff. This kind of workshop was a new practice initiated as part of capacity building and to develop similarity in understanding and way of activities putting in place over the SAHAS projects.

Therefore SAHAS-Nepal organized different PGM on different sector which are as follows.


Organizaltional Development- Professional Group Meeting:

Organizational Development professional meeting was held at Pokhara Village Resort, Lake Side from 27th Feb- 2nd March 2013. The meeting was organized by SAHAS-Nepal to focus on improving and enhancing capabilities within organizations and to meet tactical goals. Mr. John Williamson, Representatives for Nepal and Afghanistan facilitated some session in the PGM. His inputs was appreciated by the organisation and participants.

 Agriculture-Professional Group Meeting:

The workshop on Professional group meeting –Agriculture for SAHAS-Nepal was held at DEC Nepal, Sauraha, Chitwan from 21st to 22th Feb 2013. The workshop was organized by SAHAS-Nepal and was attended by Programme Officer and Agriculture Technician working under SAHAS-Nepal.


Climate Change-Professional Group Meeting:

Two days Climate Change and community base adaptation training was also held at DEC-Nepal Sauraha from 19-20th Feb,2013, to disseminate information about climate change,its present scenario and its community base mitigation and adaptation measures among staffs of SAHAS-Nepal.


Finance-Professional Group Meeting:

PGM for finance was also organised on 19th-20th may 2013 in Greenwich Hotel,,Kupondole. The main objective was to amend the policy, bring uniformity, Fund mobilization and to share the problem among all the working districts.