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SAHAS-Nepal's 17th General Assembly

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SAHAS-Nepal's 17th General Assembly

  • 14th Oct, 2012


The General Assembly is the highest authority of SAHAS- Nepal. The GA meets annually and provides overall institutional policy framework. SAHAS- Nepal’s 17th General Assembly was held on October 14, 2012 at Pokhara Village Resort in Pokhara. The event was chaired by Mr. Brahma DhojGurung, the chairperson of the organization. In total, 55 participants attended the meeting which includes members and staffs.The programme was divided into 2 sessions. In the open session, the progress reports of different projects implemented and financial report was presented by the treasurer Mr. Sunil Shakya. Further, presentation on the organization annual activities was presented by the Member Secretary Dr. Surendra Kumar Shrestha.  After the end of the open session, activity reports of the organization were reviewed, critically analyzed during the closed session, and approved by the General Members. Valuable suggestions for effective implementation of the organizational programs in future were also given by the members. The assembly concluded with discussion and appreciation of programs and plans of the organization for the following year.