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Workshop on Dailogue in Humanity in LYON, France

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Workshop on Dailogue in Humanity in LYON, France

  • 16th Sep, 2013

The Last year workshop on Dailogue in Humanity held in France was attended by the Chairperson of SAHAS-Nepal, Mr.Brahma Dhoj Gurung. As of last year, the workshop invitation was also given to SAHAS-Nepal this year. Therefore, the workshop was participated by SAHAS-Nepal Executive Director Dr. Surendra Kumar Shrestha and Programme Coordinator Mr.Saban Shrestha.

This workshop has been organized every year since 2002. This year also the workshop was organized in Lyon of France. The workshop on Dialogue in Humanity was held from July 5 to July 9, 2013 in which 75 participants from 25 countries attended the workshop.

The workshop begins informally, so that it gave the opportunity to the participants to know each other, interact and share the information of their Country and Organization. The workshop was mainly participated by Activist, Scientist, Artist, Political Personalities, and Representative of the World main Spiritual Traditional, Promoters and Enablers of Humanity.

The workshop was organized in an open space, where different groups were separated according to the different issues. Hence, one can participate in the group and discuss according to their own interest. The discussion was merely related to country issues more than personal. The discussion topics were mainly related to humanity, climate change and its effects, political situation and other cross cutting issues. Further, the contribution done by the country towards humanity, current works and the challenges were presented during this workshop. In addition, the workshop was more effective as it was informal and one can participate in any group according to their own interest and can express own views.

Furthermore, Executive Director of SAHAS-Nepal Dr Surendra Kumar Shrestha discussed and presented on the following issues; the political situation of Nepal, Caste Discrimination, culture and the situation during the conflict.  Participants were more interested in caste discrimination and the situation during the conflict, hence question were merely raised towards this issues.

The workshop also gave the opportunity to meet with the representatives of different organization which will further help in enhancing relationship in the future. Similarly, the workshop also introduced the informal way of discussion and provided the idea that the informal discussion can also be effective.