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A craftsman and successful entrepreneur

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Beneficiary Gopal BK, 4 children, 40 years, Dalit
Location Dhading District, Pragatishil group in Pida VDC
Before Weak economic condition had made it difficult for him to meet the requirements of his family. Nobody in the village was willing to give him loan (as they feared that he won’t be able to pay them back). He had learned to make nails for house wiring from his father. But due to lack of capital, he could never use his knowledge and start up an enterprize though he wished to.
Activities/Training Under the revolving fund support program of ELLE-project, Gopal BK received NRs. 5,000 (500,- EURO) to start his business. He invested the money on purchase of necessary materials for producing nails.
After Now he owns a business. He can meet the market demand and fulfill his family needs. He has even provided employment to the physically disabled Ramkumar BK from his community.
What he says "I used to have a hard time trying to meet my family requirements. The Sahu (money lender) had refused to give me loan as I still owed him some money. I had never dreamt that I would face this situation. Today, with the support from my group and SAHAS-Nepal, I have been able to use my skills. I no longer have problem supporting my family. In fact, I have become capable enough to provide employment to my fellow neighbor and thus help him to solve his own problems. The amount which I returned to the group after 3 months was provided to Rajan BK, another group member; and within 3 months, he has already earned Rs. 45,000. This financial support of SAHAS-Nepal will help improve the livelihoods of many people like me. I will always be grateful to Pragatishil group and SAHAS-Nepal for helping me come this far. I want to take up this work as a profession and continue in the future. And the business too is booming."
Result He surprised everybody in his group by making a profit of Rs. 75,000 (750,- EURO) within a short period of 6 months.

May 2012