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Capacity building for a jobless youth in Bajura

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Beneficiary Dal Bahadur Rawal, 30 years , 6 family members
Location Sappata VDC, Bajura district, Far West
Before He was a jobless youth of the community. He was unable to continue his formal education because of the poor economic condition of his family.
Activities/Training He was a participant of the 35-day-training for Village Animal Health Worker
After After the participation in the training, he opened a consultancy service providing animal health service to his community.
What he says “I was only S.L.C. test pass before the training, but now I have been able to continue my studies. This has been only possible due to the encouragement from SAHAS-Nepal.”
Result Now he makes NRs. 3000-5000 (30-50 EURO) per month for living. With this money he is able to support his family and continue his studies as well. He attends important meetings and gatherings in the community and everybody respects his view and advice for community development. The village has also got a capable local animal health technician which changed the animal health status in the community immediately.

December 2012