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Covid-19 affecting the livelihood of people

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Himsara B.K, 31 years old single mother is living with her four children in Sunilsmriti Rural Municipality of Rolpa district. Himsara was first married at the age of 16 and delivered her first child by the age of 17 and second by age of 20. But after the four years of their marriage, her husband died. She was devastated at such a young age she was a single mother with her children alone and no source of income. Later after discussion in her family at the same age, she was married to her brother-in-law but after some time due to several health complications, he was dead. After all, the hardship she was again a single mother taking care of all her children.

The only aim in Himsara's life was to feed her children and manage money so that her children would able to receive a quality education. Her major source of income was daily labour around the community. But her hardship did not end there, people used to verbally abuse her saying she was the reason for the death of her both husband. She could not say anything rather listen to them and do her work because feeding her children was her topmost priority.

Himsara owns a small plot of land which production was not enough to feed her family not even for two months. Things were extremely difficult for her but it worsens when the global pandemic Covid-19 outbreak occurred followed by the Nation Lockdown announced by Government of Nepal. Since the Himsara family solely depend on the daily wages for managing their livelihood, it became challenging for her family to manage livelihood. She could not go outside for earning money rather leaving her helpless and miserable inside her house.Himsara and her family are living their life in an economic crisis. Most of the time they are worried about how to manage the food for the family and how to be safe from the Covid-19. Himsara said, "I think the unavailability of sufficient food will kill us sooner than Covid-19 infection."

One day when Himsara was doing her daily chores, a group of SAMVAD adolescents approached in her house and provided her relief package consisting of rice, flour, lentils, salt, vegetable, and so on. Her happiness knew no bound to receive support at this crucial time in her life. SAMVAD adolescents also registered her name for the relief package which will be provided in the time being. Relief materials were the greatest treasure for her in this uncertain time. At this time she does not need to worry about putting food on her children's plate. Himsara wants to thank SAMVAD adolescents, the Stromme Foundation, and SAHAS Nepal for providing her relief package and making food available during such a crucial time.