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Diversifying the income source helps in steady money

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Devilal Neupane is the bread owner of his family comprising 8 people. He lives in Raskot municipality-2, Jalanikot, Kalikot. He is a traditional farmer practicing traditional cultivation practice of farming. The yield produced from his farm was well shortage of fulfilling the food demands and other family needs. Therefore, he has to go to India in search of work on daily wages to support his family needs. When the group formation was done by SAHAS Nepal, he took interest and become member of Churegufa mixed group. He participated on capacity building and skill development training organized by SAHAS Nepal.

He participated in Bamboo making training after which he made bamboo rakes from where he generated Rs.27,500/- income. He also practices organic vegetable farming and produces seasonal vegetables worth Rs.4,500/- in one season. He was also supported with improved bee hive as he was practicing bee keeping in traditional way and from the support now he annually earns Rs.3,800/- by selling honey only. In this way he has diversified his income resources and increased his income level. He is currently educating his children in Manma, district of Kalikot and it has become easy to afford his family needs. He was also recognized by district agriculture development office, Kalikot as leader farmers for his contribution in organic farming and helping neighbors in practicing organic farming by providing them technological inputs. With increased income level, he now does not have to go India for the search of work and enjoying quality life with this family in his own motherland.