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Home garden brings biodiversity

Beneficiary Bimala Syangtang, 45 years, 4 children
Location Nallu-9 VDC, South Lalitpur
Before She used to grow only Rapeseed and radish in little quantity
Activities/Training Participated in the three day Ecological Home Garden Training conducted by LIFT Project
After The training has helped her to grow variety of vegetables and fruit plants in her own garden. She collects manure and urine of livestock and uses it for the organic control of insects and pests. A waste water collection pit has been dug in her garden for the collection of waste water. She utilizes the water collected from cooking, washing and cleaning for her gardening. She also uses Effective Microorganisms (EM) (microorganisms which are used to treat compost and farm yard manure) which makes the cultivation organic. Her plot has now become an example for other members of the community.
What she says “I am glad with the results and I am willing to teach other members of the community too. I am very happy being able to grow varieties of vegetables and fruits in my garden. I can now improve the health of my family with better diet.”
Result The training has increased her knowledge and has provided her the required materials and improved seeds. She has now established eco-farming practice and started using modern technologies in her own garden. The increased diversity in agricultural products has benefitted her family’s diet. The family no longer has to buy vegetables from the market. They save around NRS.1500 (15,- EURO) per month.

March 2012