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Material support for a blacksmith

Beneficiary Ram Kumar B.K., 8 family members, 48 years, Dalit
Location Ikudol, South Lalitpur, LIFT project
Before Ram Kumar had weak economic condition. He has 6 ropani of land but it was mostly dry and the productivity was considerably low. His production from the crop was enough to feed his family for only four months. He was a member of Samanata community group and the group requested LIFT project to support him with better technical equipments for his work as blacksmith.
Activities/Training SAHAS group provided materials
After Ram Kumar B.K. had been supported with items like Lihi, hammer, reti, iron (15 kg). He made iron utensils and agricultural tools like sickle, spade, axe, scissors, Khurpa, gal, ghan, Pan, bowl, etc. His products have been utilized in more than 100 households of Ikudol, Bukhel and Sankhu VDCs. He gets maize, paddy, mustard oil, fapar, vegetables, and pulses in return to his tools as barter system. He also provides repairing service. Besides these, for his newly made tools, he gets money from the farmers.
What he says He says: ”with the supported materials he felt more comfortable in his work and has been increasingly encouraged to continue with his traditional family work”.
Result This year alone his annual income was Rs 41,000/- (410,-EURO) and he has utilized this income for the education of his children.

June 2012