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Message from a woman’s group

Beneficiary Lamiduwali Women’s group
Location Risku VDC, Udaypur District
Before The group members were from 39 households. The majority were Magar and Dalitz. A couple of years ago people and particularly women in the community could barely speak in front of strangers. Food from their farm was not sufficient throughout the year and they had to rely on labour work. Due to lack of unity among villagers, development activities were not conducted. A school for basic education did not exist.
Activities/Training Group strengthening and leadership training
What they says “Earlier, we didn’t have enough money to pay even the bus fare of Rs. 100 to bring a bag of cement from the market. We had to spend one day to walk back home carrying the cement on our back,” says Dev Maya Magar, the chairperson of the group. Ramita Magar, the vice secretary of the group says, “since we are growing vegetables in our home garden, we are able to consume fresh and nutritious vegetables. We sell the surplus in the market and make some money. With the making a group policy and action plans, it has become easier to achieve the goal of our community development programme. Therefore, I want to spread this message in other villages and groups too.”
Result But today they have a different story. The unity and initiative taken by the women’s group has brought a complete transformation in the village. In agriculture, the use of modern agricultural techniques has enabled them to increase their food sufficiency time and they have also started growing and eating nutritious vegetables. Construction of school building has created a suitable environment for teachers and students. Under the ecological home gardening program, each house today has a home garden, toilet, waste water collection pond/tank and improved stove. In addition, they have also started cattle urine collection and preparation of organic fertiliser. Today the group has a fund of Rs. 55,000 (550 EURO).

2011– 2012