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Motivation creates new opportunities

Beneficiary Chhatakala BK , 41 years, 6 children, treasurer of the Shree Chautara community group
Location Fukot-2, Kalikot District
Before She and all other farmers in her village grew only few cereal crops and vegetables like Chamsur (one type of leafy vegetable) and spinach.
Activities/Training 1-day kitchen garden training
After Immediately after the training she dared to set up a nursery in her land and grew varieties of vegetables while other farmers hesitated to replace traditional crops and try new income sources.
Result She has earned more than Rs. 17,000 (170 EURO) by selling vegetables like cabbage, tomato, spinach, onion, carrot, radish at the local markets and she still has vegetables worth Rs. 7,000 ready for sale. From the first income she has now bought a buffalo worth Rs. 10,000. She is highly motivated from her first success and the improvement in her family’s livelihood. SAHAS-Nepal has added to her enthusiasm by providing a sprayer tank and a 3-month sewing training. Besides farming, she now wants to start a sewing business and hopes to be a good example for others in the village and inspire them to use their skills. She wants to inspire others in minimizing the food scarcity at home and community.

February 2012