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No more food insecurity caused by floods

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Beneficiary Shashikala Rai, 3 family members
Location Katari-3, Chimtaghari, Udaypur
Before Her family and other 32 households in her community faced regular food scarcity due to the flooding in Kakaru Khola. Due to the floods huge amounts of fertile land was destroyed each year. Income generating activities were almost nil due to lack of knowledge and poor economic condition in the community. When SAHAS-Nepal facilitated the formation of Chimtaghari Women’s Group, Shashikala decided to join it. At the initiation of the group, SAHAS Nepal provided technical and economic support to construct a dam to safeguard their lands. In order to improve the livelihood and also to generate income, the group was encouraged to establish a community shop under the revolving fund support scheme.
Activities/Training Community dam construction and establishment of a community shop under the revolving fund support scheme
After The dam construction has protected the land and the farmers no more have to face the threats of flooding, hence minimizing the productivity loss. The community is responsible for the maintenance of the dam. The first shop in the village is under the management of Shashikala. The shop provides materials and food items at the same price as in the katari market. This has provided relief to the community through an easy access to necessary goods and by minimizing time and transportation costs.

November 2012