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Self Help Group was support during Covid-19

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Khuma B.K, 30 lives in Tewang-7 of Rolpa district with six members in her family. Her children are acquiring education in the government school of Rolpa. Khumba and her husband did not own a single plot of land, therefore daily wages were the only source for their livelihood. Her husband used to work in India as labor and earns Nepalese Rupees 10,000 to 15,000 per month depending on his work. Khuma was well aware of her family situation and wanted to help her husband to run the family. It was impossible to run the family only from her husband's income so she was also working as a daily labor in her surroundings.

In the normal days, she could work 2-3 days per week and it was somehow easing the family livelihood as both were involved in income generation. But things did not remain the same for Khuma and her family. The global pandemic Covid-19 outbreak hit the Khuma and her family severely. They lost all the income sources of her family as the Government of Nepal announced Nation lockdown making them confined in their own house. Her husband is in India but without any income source and Khuma in her Nepal. She was feeding her children from the small amount of money she had saved but her worries increases as savings are decreasing day by day.

Khuma is also a member of Bhumistan Swabalamban Samuha in Tewang, formed by the SEEDS project implemented by SAHAS Nepal and funded by the Stromme Foundation. During this uncertain time, the group realized the importance of serving the communities therefore, they organised the meeting following social distancing and all the preventive measures of Covid-19. After the meeting, the group decided to provide relief materials consisting of basic necessary foods like rice, flour, maize, oil, salts, vegetables, and so on for the community member whose major income source of daily labor. Khuma received the relief support from her group which has eased her livelihood until the situation becomes normal. She acknowledges the importance of the group and serving the communities in the need and extremely grateful that she was a member of the group. She is dedicated to contributing to the community people in anyways in this uncertain time. She said, "If we act together in the group, we are sure we can beat any difficult things and time. During this uncertain time my group was with me and also I will be with the people who are in need."