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Selling ginger is good business

Beneficiary 45-year-old Padam Bahadur Tamang, 8 family members
Location Marjitpur village, Risku VDC, Ward No 8 of Udaypur District
Before He owned a sloppy and dry patch of agricultural land, aggravated by lack of improved agricultural technology. He could not produce enough food despite having plenty of land. Agricultural production from his land barely supported his 8-member-family even for 6 months.
Activities/Training In the year 2009, Padam Bahadur was elected as the chairperson of the group “Food Security Programme” formed by SAHAS Nepal. The group started saving money and used it for different social development activities in the community. In this process, the group conducted Training on cash crop (ginger) cultivation under the income generation programme.
After After participating in the training, Padam Bahadur received 22 kgs of seed support. He started cultivating certain cash crops and became a successful example for others in his village. He then started suggesting others to grow cash crops like ginger in barren uplands instead of maize and millet whose yields were comparatively low.
What he says “Bari ma makai ropey pet bhokai, aduwa ropey nagad chokhai” (if we grow maize, we’ll end up with empty stomach; but if we cultivate ginger, we’ll make lots of money)
Result In 2012 only, he has earned Rs. 100,000 (1.000 EURO) selling 30 quintals of ginger. He has also saved 9 quintals ginger seeds for next year’s production. Having wasted most of his years drinking alcohol and merrymaking, he now has become a disciplined farmer who looks forward to his future with hope. He has decided to invest the income in educating his children.

2011– 2012