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Students brushed their teeth for the first time

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  • Students brushed their teeth for the first time

Beneficiary 24 school children & their families
Location Banaspati primary school, Chaugare – 7, Lalitpur
Before It was found that some of the students had never brushed their teeth before.
Activities/Training One day oral health and brushing programme. Each student was given tooth paste and tooth brush and practical demonstration of proper way of brushing along with proper hand washing
After After one month of training, a lot of progress was found in the personal hygiene of the students. The students brushed their teeth two times a day regularly. Students were found neat and tidy, problems of bleeding from mouth was reduced. The knowledge of personal hygiene was spread into the students families and more people become aware of oral health.
Result Inspired by the program, the school management was willing to continue with the program and they oriented and distributed brush and toothpaste to other students. This practical way of teaching actually developed good practice of oral health management within the students.

April 2012