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The best products from local apples

Beneficiary Dalsur Shahi, 41 years, 6 children
Location Ramnakot-3, Kalikot District, Mid West region
Before He was a government school teacher but always wanted some productive use of his farmland in a sustainable manner. He had an apple orchard but each year he fed the apples to animals or they went to waste as he could not use them properly.
Activities/Training He participated in the 5 days Jam, Jelly & Juice making training and a 4 days study tour to Phoimahadev, where he learnt apple processing and storage technologies.
After After his participation in the training & tour, remarkable changes have taken place. He was encouraged to utilize the apples of his farm by processing them into jam, juice and jelly. After his last apple harvest, he took the initiative to produce and deliver his products to markets of Jumla, Nagma, Manma and Kathmandu.
Result He earned NRs. 35000 (350, - EURO) within a season. He used his earnings to maintain his orchard and also planted some more apple tree saplings as his commitment to continue his enterprise in the future as well. Besides this, he was awarded for his products during the agricultural product exhibition fair in Manma and became a well known person in the broad community. The VDC Assembly honoured him with NRs. 100,000 (1000 EURO) for his sincerity and hard work. He became a role model for other farmers in Kalikot district and is now also an advisor.

October 2011– May 2012