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VAHW John Tamang provides hope to farmers

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Beneficiary John Tamang, 5 family members, 28 years
Location Chaughare-3, South Lalitpur, Gupteshwor community group
Before No service for animal health was available
Activities/Training Village Animal Health Worker Training in Pokhara
After Tamang started providing health service not only for his group of Chaughre, but extended his service to the farmers of Nallu, Dalchoki and Bukhel VDC after coming back from the training in January, 2012. He also started a small agro-vet shop where farmers can get the required medicines without having to travel far. Till now he has treated around 350 livestock like buffalo, sheep, goat and pig. This has directly benefited 157 farmers.
Result John has applied his learning into practice. Recently he saved a buffalo worth Rs. 40,000/- of Mr. Suku Bahadur Ghyaaba, which suffered a foetal death and dystocia that had to be manually removed. For a small farmer like Suku, the buffalo was everything for his family earning and he thanked John and SAHAS- Nepal for the help. Similarly, another buffalo of Mrs Mona Ghyaba was suffering from Retention of Placenta (ROP) though it parturiated few days ago. John said when he arrived, the buffalo was in critical condition and the family of Mona were in tears. But his help saved the buffalo. During rainy season, Hemorrhagic septicemia (HS) and Black Quarter (BQ) creates havoc among the livestock. To create early alarm and prevention, John, from his own effort, has started a vaccination campaign in Chaughare VDC.

John has really established himself as a life saver among the farmers in his community. He takes nominal charge for his service and during the last 3 months he earned Rs 9,000/- (90,- EURO) Excited from his achievements, John plans to extend his service of agro- vet shop and arrange other necessary equipments.

February 2012